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About BNI East Bay

BNI East Bay is a referral based networking group that provides a weekly forum for members and guests where they can grow their business, develop new contacts, strengthen strategic alliances, and have some breakfast with amiable professionals. We have an exclusive membership policy and each member is the only representative of their profession. There are no conflicts of interest with respect to professional categories. When you are a member of our group, no other member competes with you.

A BNI meeting is very special. There is a ten minute presentation by a member that gives timely information on topics that keep your business on the cutting edge. Our meetings are an excellent way to keep up to date on the latest innovations in other professions that compliment yours. You will have the opportunity to share your area of expertise with the members when you are the featured speaker at a weekly meeting.

As well as educating the membership on your professional expertise you will also have the opportunity to explain how the members can be sales people for you.

A socializing time is provided at the start of the meeting, one minute member and guest introductions occur, and ample time is available after the meeting to discuss your business with other members. Bring plenty of business cards so that everyone at the meeting can take some as they are passed around the table.

BNI East Bay is a business referral organization. We meet weekly to do business with each other and each others clients, friends, and families. We provide referrals to each other so that new business opportunities can be arranged. A quality referral brings the highest level of expertise to your clients. Like you, our members pride themselves on providing the best service available. Testimonials are given regularly at meetings and reflect the fine service that BNI East Bay members provide.

As a member you will:
- Be the only member of our chapter providing your service.
- Increase your sales force by the number of BNI East Bay members.
- Have an opportunity to showcase your company.
- Have confidence that the referrals you give will be fulfilled in the highest manner.
- Have breakfast every week with a great group of knowledgeable professionals.

Consider joining BNI East Bay. Visit a meeting and experience us in action.

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